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It’s no secret that making the most of your space is the key to operational performance

A well-planned flow of interior space and a layout that's rich in ambiance and functionality will always be a winner in any club or restaurant. However, with varying room sizes, and new furniture designs, impediments such as pillars and doorways, and access to thoroughfares to consider, it's no wonder it takes time and resources to get it right.

Gosford RSL

Using floor space is critical to running a business both from an aesthetic and an operational point of view. The right design is critical to how the works for both your clientele and your hospitality staff.

The key factors to consider when designing space are:

  • The number of people the space can accommodate
  • Whether you trade in daytime or evening
  • The safety and functionality of the work environment for staff
  • The availability of storage area for excess furniture
  • Kitchen and staff movements
  • Customer accessibility requirements 
  • Creating a floor plan

Floor Plan Access Checklist

The City of Melbourne has created a checklist for restaurants and cafes to evaluate how accessible they are and check if they are meeting their legal requirements. We highly encourage that you go through this checklist:

Download the Customer Access Checklist for Cafes and Restaurants here

Floor Planning Software Programs

There are numerous 2D and 3D programs you can use to create floor plans for your space. Here are some programs for you to try out today:

Or better yet, contact Nufurn to prepare a floor plan at no charge!
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Working with Interior Designers

Interior designers bring in a calculated and precise strategy for maximising your floor space with consideration of time and staff movement. However, another great benefit of using an interior designer is that they combine all elements for a venue such as the furniture, kitchen design, and lighting to create a seamless flow throughout your club or restaurant.  

Let's Get Started!

Our experienced professionals can help ensure your club runs at its peak. We can help you select functional furniture suited to what you're trying to achieve. We can show you how to maximise seating capacity, optimise a room's space and applications, and advise on alternative furniture designs. We can also put you in touch with interior designers so that you can transform your venue to how you always dreamed it to be.

We'll be glad to share our knowledge with you anytime.