Posted on by Kathy Sollars


This week, Nufurn embarked on an unexpected adventure to Burnie, Tasmania. What initially began as a request for new gaming stools turned into a whirlwind of logistics, proving that sometimes, the best stories arise from unforeseen challenges.

Upon receiving the original request for fully assembled gaming stools, our commitment to exceptional service kicked in immediately. Pallets were swiftly booked, and our seasoned on-site project manager, Jon, was primed to jet off to Burnie, ensuring a seamless installation.

As fate would have it, our lovely client, Belinda of The Beach Hotel, threw a curveball into the mix by expressing a need for outdoor furniture as well. Undeterred by the unexpected twist, Dean, our renowned Hotel expert, embarked on a mad scramble to ensure that outdoor chairs and tables were not only prepared but also packed on pallets by the designated Tuesday collection.

Navigating the intricacies of Tasmanian deliveries, Jon was taken aback when he received the surprising call from Belinda that the furniture had already arrived. This deviation from the norm posed a logistical challenge, especially considering Jon's current location on the Gold Coast, handling another install. Undeterred, Jon hopped on three planes, arriving in Burnie with nothing but the shirt on his back.
Fortune smiled upon us as Belinda proved to be incredibly accommodating, providing not only the necessary tools for Jon to assemble gaming stools and tables but also a spare pair of track suit pants. The unexpected camaraderie and resourcefulness in the face of challenges exemplified the spirit of collaboration.
This unexpected journey showcased the resilience and adaptability of the Nufurn team, turning potential hurdles into memorable experiences.

No visit to Tasmania would be complete without a stay at The Beach Hotel  in Burnie—an unexpected destination that turned into a testament to the power of teamwork and a commitment to delivering excellence, even in the face of unforeseen challenges.