Posted on by Mariam Ali

Most entertainment venues have made a substantial investment in their furnishings. Tables, chairs, stools and other furnishings are not cheap, and when they begin to wear out the question arises: do we repair them or replace them?

There's no simple answer, especially when it comes to seating but first things first, you need to know that restoration is a viable option for venues on a limited budget.

Here’s a basic guide to give you an idea but it really requires a thorough cost/benefit analysis to determine the best way to go.

Be aware the cost of restoration falls into three categories:

  1. Replacing foam padding
  2. Replacing upholstery fabrics
  3. Any costs related to the frames of the furniture

The top two are important considerations. The cost of the fabric and replacement foam will help form the basis of your decision but if the frames are in really bad condition the costs suddenly shoot up.

To break it down simply:

  1. The replacement of foam padding can save $20 to $30 per seat.
  2. Choosing an inexpensive fabric can save $30 to $100 per seat.
  3. When it comes to the frames, if touching up the paint or a simple respray is required, these won't be a problem. However, if new powder coating or resanding an staining is required, the expense won't be justified.

You also have to bear in mind that restored furniture will last longer than what you had before in its pre-restored state because of the quality of the new materials we supply. If leaving things as is means the pieces of furniture will have to be replaced within two years anyway, it may be worth restoring to add years to its life before complete replacement is needed.

When it comes to tables, bases can be touched up or resprayed. Due to the time involved, it's best to have this done by the club's maintenance manager. The costs of sending them out, having them professionally redone, and transported back to the club usually outweighs the cost of replacement.

Feel like they need to be restored or replaced earlier than you anticipated?

Well, by asking the right questions right at the beginning of your furniture selection process, you can actually delay having to make such decisions.

  1. Will your chairs and tables be subject to substantial rough treatment?
  2. Are they for indoor or outdoor use?
  3. Will they be exposed to direct sunlight or sea air?
  4. Are the materials I’m choosing the best fit for all of these factors?

By choosing and customising your chairs based on these important factors you can be sure that they will stand the test of time. There are many considerations and these are but a few of them. The years of experience we have here at Nufurn mean that we can help you to choose the perfect chairs taking into account design, durability, comfort, style and more.

So to summarise:

  • Reupholstering chairs is a good option if chair frames are in good condition.
  • Selecting well-priced fabric helps keep costs down.
  • If re-powder coating of frames is required, replacing the chair makes better economic sense.

When the time does come for restoration or replacement of furniture Nufurn has you covered but our service goes beyond the initial buying process. Proper maintenance will substantially extend the life of any furnishings and Nufurn is able to provide you with all the right advice on how to get the most from your investment by protecting and maintaining it correctly.

We can help you save precious time and money.