Posted on by Mariam Ali

Selecting new products can be tricky and overwhelming at times, but it’s crucial to take the time to do your research. The following are vital questions you should consider before buying commercial grade folding chairs for your party hire business or function space:

Has the product been tested, and does it function and perform as described?

Anyone can bring a product to market, so make sure the product you’re spending your invested money on has been well tested for commercial use. Nufurn Gladiator & Wimbledon Chairs are the only folding resin chairs with double certification, tested & approved by both AFRDI (AS/NZS 4688.2000) & BIFMA International (5.1 Standard-2002) at Commercial Level 4: General Commercial Standard Product. There are no other folding chairs on the market with steel reinforcements in the rear legs for extra strength & safety. Pat# 6,969,113

Who else uses the product in the industry, and what do they think of the product’s usefulness and performance?

Call around and talk to other users; it will be well worth your time. People who have used the product are sometimes your best resource on product performance. 100% Australian owned and established since 1996, Nufurn are specialist manufactures of folding and stacking event chairs and tables, designed to exceed the requirements of the global event furniture industry. Nufurn have supplied more resin folding chairs to more customers both in Australia and the USA which has the world’s largest event hire market with over 9000 party hire companies in operation. We would be happy to provide you with customer referrals upon request.

Is the product cost effective, and does it fit in the current budget?

Is it a one-time expense or will the product need to be supported financially for years to come? Many products have future budget implications from the day you buy them. Understand the financial commitment each product carries and plan what the costs will be for the life of the product, such as preventative maintenance, product supplies and repair cost when damaged. Nufurn’s folding event chairs will be a long-term equipment required for your business and Nufurn have always manufactured to a commercial standard and offer a commercial warranty that you can rely on. Nufurn’s products are guaranteed to perform. Other imitation folding chairs deteriorate much sooner, needing to be replaced more often, costing your business an unnecessary cost in replacing folding chairs. 

What is the company’s ability to support the product into the future?

 A warranty is only as good as the company that backs the product. Make it your goal to purchase products from companies that are well established in the industry and have a solid reputation for standing behind their products. Nufurn supports the Gladiator and Wimbledon chairs with a 10 year commercial warranty and also carry stock spare parts of every single chair component. So if a client of yours does damage a chair or lose a small part, you will not have to purchase a whole new chair – you can just replace the part. Do other companies offer this service?

Will the product require regular service and maintenance?

Who fixes the chairs if they break, and where are they located? This is important: If it breaks it’s going to need to be fixed. If you purchase from overseas suppliers, what chances do you have of contacting the supplier and fixing the problem? More often than not, you will simply be told that there was nothing wrong with the products. We hear this same story time and time again from customers who tried to save a little bit up front. Cheap always become expensive in the end.

Have you looked at a physical sample to determine your decision?

How likely would you purchase a car if you haven’t taken the car for a test drive? There need to be other features of the chair other than price that draws your attention. However what if you get stuck buying a lemon? How much will this cost you overall when considering repairs and maintenance on a product that you were sold only on price?  Nufurn thrives on customer service and our TRUE CONFIDENCE in our folding event chairs needs to be seen first-hand to be believed. If you cannot make it into our Sydney showroom to see the real difference,  request a sample for evaluation of the original Gladiator and Wimbledon resin folding chairs. We guarantee once you sit in our Gladiator or Wimbledon chair vs the competitors, that you’ll choose ours or your money back.

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