Posted on by Rossie Symmans

Synthetic Outdoor Rattan

A question we often get asked is...what is Rattan furniture? 

Nufurn ‘Rattan’ Outdoor Furniture is made from a synthetic ‘weave’ and is perfect for leaving outdoors all year, in all conditions.

Synthetic Outdoor Rattan is a flexible but sturdy man-made fibre which has revolutionised the outdoor furniture market. Good quality synthetic outdoor rattan furniture is impervious to the forces of both Mother Nature and day to day use.  Being UV stable, it won't fade in the sun, become brittle and crack in the cold, peel or suffer from mildew even if left outside all year round. Furthermore it can do all this without maintenance and is available in traditional or truly modern designs.

Real/natural rattan could not be used outside. Hence the use of the term 'rattan' when describing outdoor furniture is usually always the synthetic type. You may also have heard it called wicker or weave; they also refer to synthetic outdoor rattan.

Unlike traditional natural wicker/rattan outdoor furniture which is woven from natural abaca (palm) strands, modern outdoor all weather Synthetic Outdoor Rattan furniture is hand woven from weather resistant synthetics that are far more durable and include UV proofing additives that can resist fading for decades. Synthetic Outdoor Rattan furniture will keep its colour far longer than traditional garden outdoor furniture and is also chlorine resistant. It is truly amazing.

 What’s beneath the Synthetic Outdoor Rattan is just as important:

 Nufurn only supply fully welded aluminium frames beneath our Synthetic Outdoor Rattan Furniture with those frames having a 100% powder coat coverage.

We never use steel and advise against you choosing a steel framed furniture item for your outdoor area.  Whilst perfect for so many indoor furniture applications, even if powder coated very well, steel will rust because the powder coating will inevitably become scratched with use and expose the steel.

Because of its non-corrosive properties, aluminium is also used to make important components in the automotive industry as well as in spacecraft and rockets. For long lasting all weather outdoor furniture, buy fully welded aluminium framed pieces. Knockdown style lounges and chairs may weaken in time and become unstable, and you will also have unsightly joins. 

Many importers use steel frames as this is cheaper to manufacture but shortens your furniture's life expectancy and should be avoided at all times.  They will import furniture that requires assembly as this is the cheapest method of shipping however screwed or riveted legs or arms on chairs are just not durable enough for commercial outdoor environments. 

  • All of our rattan garden furniture has a 8mm tight rattan weave for strength and durability.
  • Synthetic outdoor rattan is ideal for outdoor use and very little maintenance is required, just a quick wipe down if dirty/dusty etc.
  • The furniture is man-made and combines the two most weather-resistant materials, aluminium extrusion frame structures are welded together to form a strong yet lightweight frame which is colour co-ordinated powder coated for protection.
  • The frame structure is then woven by using durable resins that are extruded into the shape and texture of wicker/rattan.
  • A UV-resistant ingredient is added to provide the resin wicker strands with a long life and usage. It is also resistant to chlorine and is mildew resistant.
  • All our items are manufactured to the highest construction standards ensuring comfort and durability.
  • With the exception of some of our outdoor lounge base frames, all products have no self assembly; all chairs are solid framed.