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Rustic weddings are inspired from the brides most endeared past times. On her most special day, she opens and shares her favourite place, and uses the raw and natural surroundings of the area as the backdrop.  

In the past couple of years, the world has been yearning to get back down to earth and host events using cherished pastime items.

Next time a bride asks for a recommendation of a venue for a rustic wedding, tell her to travel away from the city and go back to the country where barns have acres of undisturbed field. The land becomes the perfect canvas to be creative.

The Golden Dandelion’s very own Jessica Langley-Gardner styled her own barn wedding and it took our breath away.

Here are some photos to help inspire you for your next event!

Event Seating  in Haystacks

The Golden Dandelion ditched the traditional event seating arrangements and lined haystacks with draped dyed crocheted table clothes for guests to sit on.

The groom arrived in a helicopter... because what else are you going to do with the rest of the land?

The Golden Dandelion Rustic Wedding

The Golden Dandelion Rustic Wedding

The Golden Dandelion Rustic Wedding

rustic wedding - the golden dandelion

sydney bride dress - the golden dandelion


The reception was inside a transparent tent draped in twinkling lights and flowers.

wedding tent by The Golden Dandelion

 Twinkle Lights by The Golden Dandelion

Outside, the guests were seated in mismatched white timber chairs.  To create this look, you can use bentwood chairs such as the Bon Uno S, Copenhagen, Tiamo, Calvi, Capri and/or the Bello and stain them white.

But for those that need stacking chairs, we think the Bon Uno S, Athena 1 or Athena 2, Dublin stool, and Burnley Chair would work great!

barn wedding by the Golden Dandelion

barn wedding - the golden dandelion

crossback chairs - the golden dandelion

The barns original furniture and supplies were pushed to the side, while rugs and assorted lounges took their place for the night.

A simple crochet table cloth, baby breath flowers, eloquent coffee table and the twinkling lights created a white accent to compliment the outdoor timber chairs. The touch of distressed shades of pink continued inside the barn to enhance the vintage look.

barn wedding with twinkling lights - the golden dandelion

the golden dandelion - wedding event hire

bride getting ready -the golden dandelion

barn wedding - the golden dandelion

Rustic party events are supposed to bring out nostalgic memories of the past social gatherings etiquettes. The host would serve hearty home-made food, and unique serveware to their most special guests.

wedding buffet - the golden dandelion

party food - the golden dandelion

buffet food - the golden dandelion

party food - the golden dandelion

The Golden Dandelion brought back childhood memories of sharing desserts such as fairy floss, popcorn and ice cream with family and friends at carnival events.

fairfloss at wedding - the golden dandelion

ice cream hire  - the golden dandelion

fairy floss hire - the golden dandelion


popcorn hire - the golden dandelion

The most special thing about rustic weddings is the fact that it brings out the thought that our everyday life should be filled with family and close friends and to remember to show them that we appreciate their company. 

wedding party - the golden dandelion



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Special thanks to The Golden Dandelion for allowing us to share these beautiful photos!

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