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Commercial Bar Stools

Bar Stools provide several beneficial seating arrangements for a pub or a restaurant. 

Detailed Genuine Bentwood Bar Stools brings out a fond familiarity of the highly appreciated detailed craftsmanship made in all finishes of a pub. 

Bentwood Bar Stools are suitable for both casual and fine dining areas 

bentwood bar stool - dublin bentwood stool - fameg

High Back Bar Stools

With the extra comfort of a high back, you are upscaling your restaurant and inviting your customers to stay longer and enjoy their drinks. 

 high back bar stool

timber bentwood bar stool - ainslee


Your bar may have a lot of intricate details that you do not want to hide so a low back bar stool or just a stool with no back would be the perfect solution. 

They are also great for dining spaces with limited seating options that need to be turned over quickly 

bentwood stool

low back bar stool - timber