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When JDA Hotels originally looked at this venue, it was completely run down and under utilised - a perfect pick for their next big transformation.

They envisioned the diminished venue to be transformed into an open concept, family friendly pub with a menu so delicious, that it would become a neighbourhood favourite. 

JDA and Bergstrom Architects worked together to convert the dated standard pub space into an upbeat bistro. From a small room with a couple of pool tables and a takeaway counter, they knocked down walls and extended the bistro space that opens out to an alfresco laneway dining .

JDA's vision was to design the pub with the theme of an industrial garden. They chose several different materials combining metals, timbers, classic and contemporary chairs. Painted pallets are hung from the ceiling, hanging plants and greenery surrounding the entire area. The Kroft, Tiamo and San Pedro chairs look absolutely perfect in the space. 

Industrial Garden

Padstow Park HotelPadstow Park Hotel

The JDA team took advantage of a grubby old service alleyway and recreated it to resemble a Melbourne laneway dining experience. Along an exposed brick wall with graffit art, they decorated using string lights which draw your eye to glass ceiling above. We had the challenge of providing dry bar tables, stools, restaurant tables and chairs that lived up to the standard of this creative space.

Laneway Dining

Padstow Park Hotel Laneway DiningPadstow Park Hotel Laneway

Our white Miko chairs were placed in the laneway, paired up with textured compact laminate table tops. The parallel lines running through the chairs have a transparent aesthetic that creates the feeling of space and allows the laneway to breathe.

JDA decided to mix it up and add rough sawn recycled Oregon timber Smart Dry Bars and table tops to add character and colour. The Harvey Stools and Low Rail stools emphasised the look. 

Padstow Park HotelPadstow Park Hotel

We can go on and on about furniture but we know that you are waiting to hear about Padstow Park Hotel ultimate food menu. Plus, you can find more photographs of the venue in our installation gallery.

JDA wanted to create a venue where you can enjoy sitting indoors or outdoors, listen to great music and eat delicious meals made from the freshest ingredients that your entire family can enjoy. The old kitchen that was in place simply would not have been able to handle the demands of the new menu, and so a decision was made to rip out the old and put in an entire new kitchen with state of the art appliances.

The result was a menu so delicious, that I was afraid to even attempt describing it to you.  So, here is a snippet directly out of their menu:


  • Lamb riblet burger with coleslaw, wedges, smoky chipotle and bbq sauce
  • Buttermilk fried chicken
  • Pulled pork with crispy apple slaw, chipotle mayo, jalapeno peppers
  • Soft shell crab burger with watercress, dill mayo and hashtag fries

#fries #fries #fries

And to end the blog with a picture that looks so delicious, you will probably need to go on an early lunch break. (We suggest, Padstow Park Hotel :) )

Padstow Park Hotel

Address: 31-33 Howard Rd, Padstow NSW 2211