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How to Clean White Resin Event Chairs

It is wedding season which means that your white resin event chairs are constantly being hired out. This is the most vital time for you to maintain the quality and overall presentation of your resin chairs. Nothing beats receiving a great testimony from a customer who appreciates receiving clean and beautiful chairs for their event. 

Spending a bit of time per week cleaning your white resin chairs will allow you to rent them out for much longer and generate a higher profit.
And the great news is that you can clean your chairs by using inexpensive cleaning solutions which you probably have already!

Cleaning your White Resin Chairs in 1 2 3 Easy Steps

There are two general cleaning agents that will work will in cleaning your chairs. 
Sugar Soap 
Regular dishwasher detergent such as Palmolive Original Regular Liquid found in Woolsworth

For whichever one you use, go through these 3 simple steps

  1. Make a mild solution with warm water
  2. use a soft micro-fiber cloth to wipe the resin furniture in a circular motion.
  3. rinse it with clean and plain water. NEVER USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS OR ABRASIVE SPONGES/SCOURERS AS THESE CAN SCRATCH THE RESIN SURFACE. Even hard plastic and metal brushes can do considerable damage to the surface of the resin furniture.

Please note:
Even though our resin chairs contain UV stabilizers, like anything, the more you look after it, the newer it will look for longer. For this reason, we recommend that all resin furniture is stored in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, when not in use.

Removing scruff marks 

Forget using expensive and harsh solutions to clean your resin chairs. Yes, those
black scuff marks look scary but they can be easily removed. We recommend using
Mr Clean Eraser Pads (found at Bunnings Warehouse).  Take an eraser pad and simply erase the scuff marks away!

Removing the very tough stains and even DISCOLOURATION on the moulds of resin chairs

We recommend that you use Gumption. It is the best formula to remove stains.
Gumption can be purchased at your local supermarket. It works well with marks at the feet of the chairs.

  1. Take a clean sponge and wipe it with gumption
  2. Gently rub the stain in a rotation manner
  3. Keep applying until the discolutation goes away.
  4. When finished, wipe it down with a wet cloth.


Nufurn Gladiator Seat Pads

Nufurn Gladiator seat pads are a time saving and cost effective solution to maintaining the overall presentation of your folding event chairs.   The great news is that when you purchase the Gladiator chairs from Nufurn (also known as Americana chairs), you can purchase replacement seat pads in the future as part of our after sale service

Tips on Maintaining the Seat Pads on Resin Folding Chairs:

We recommend the use of Scotchgard™ OXY Carpet and Fabric Spot Remover twice a year.

  • Unique 2-in-1 cleaner with genuine Scotchgard™

   Protector eliminates tough stains and prevents resoiling.
 • Powerful OXY action cleans stains down to the pad so
   they don’t resurface.
 • No sticky residue is left behind to attract dirt.
 • Effectively removes stains caused by juice & various foods.
 • Neutralizes odours and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance.

Or you can skip all of this and purchase the Nufurn Wimbledon resin chairs which feature slated seats for even easier maintenance. 

And that's that! We hope that these tips will help you along and makes things just a little bit easier. Feel free to contact us anytime for more information. 

Did you discover an even better way to clean? We would love to hear from you!

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