Posted on by Gavin Krawchuk

We have this beautiful tub chair that has been in our range for some time now. It's called The Roma and we think it's a bit of a classic as do all of our customers that have bought it. We started working with a client of ours on a really nice new government project a few months back. Our customer loved The Roma for one area so that was a done deal. But for a different area, they were struggling to find 'just the perfect double sofa'. We put our heads together and bingo, The Roma Double was born. Sometimes it happens just like that!

As we actually manufacture onsite in our warehouse, we can do things like this easily. We have about 30 of these Romas heading out for a Global summit and they are going to have some very, very important heads of state sitting on them making some big decisions.

We're pretty proud of that! The images of the Roma Double will be up online shortly.