Posted on by Mariam Ali

It seems like the demand for industrial style café chairs and vintage furniture continues to thrive. Everyone loves our Industrix range which includes Industrix No.1 and Industrix No.3. The View Restaurant at Taronga Zoo are loving theirs and we’re also supplying some really cool projects launching in late December, January and March – they’re going to look amazing.

So what is it about Industrix that people love? We think it’s because the range is chameleon like and understated while still being different and noticeable. It can be hard to find restaurant chairs that match just about any décor, are timeless, and that can be used indoor or outdoor..and that are comfortable! Industrix fits the bill. We just had a new container of stock land so if you want new restaurant chairs delivered before Christmas, you’ll need to call us pronto on 1800 650 019.