Posted on by Gavin Krawchuk

We know that this business is all about ‘putting people on seats’ but choosing what those customers are sitting on is a big consideration for club managers.

So how do you choose the right banquet seating?

Here are a few thoughts to help you in your decision making.

1. Think about what will be the main use of the seating. Will it be for:

  • casual everyday bistro use?
  • use during functions such as weddings and corporate events?
  • both?

2. Do you need a multi-purpose type of seating that will accommodate both short-term and long-term patrons?

3. What style do you want:

  • traditional and conservative?
  • elegant and contemporary?
  • modern statement pieces?

4. Will the seating be on the floor all the time or will it be wheeled out when required and put away between uses?

5. Is storage an issue? For example, chairs that stack vertically can be stacked 10-12 high. Chairs that are stacked forward can only be stacked 4-5 high.

6. Materials

Materials have a huge impact on the function and durability of a product as well as the aesthetic design.

  • Should the frames be steel or aluminium? If you’re likely to use your chairs outdoors, aluminium will be the best choice.
  • Does the fabric have to withstand exposure to direct sunlight, all or part of the time?
  • Will they only be used indoors, outdoors or do they need to be versatile and do both

These are important considerations that go into making the right decision about the banquet seating you choose.

All Nufurn banquet chairs are made to order, which means you don’t have to make any compromises on the furniture you need. To give you absolute peace of mind, all of our banquet chair frames are fully welded and backed by a twelve year commercial warranty.

We’ll make it as easy as possible to get you the right banquet seating at the best possible cost. We can also do custom designing and manufacturing of banquet chairs depending on the quantity required.

Our advice and experience are yours for the asking, so please feel free to call us for an obligation-free quote.