Polly Replica (Resin) Bentwood Stacking Chair - Colours




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The newest must have - single piece, injection moulded, resin event stacking event chair! 

An exceptional quality reproduction of a timeless classic our classically styled 'Polly' chair is designed for functionality and performance.

The proportioning is the closest we've ever seen a resin replica get to the original European Bentwood models.  The exquisite embossed seat adds a little touch of style that goes a long, long way.

The reinforced monobloc injected moulded chair made from 100% polypropylene which is not only incredibly strong but requires next to zero maintenance making Nufurn Polly Resin Stacking Bentwood Chair an affordably stylish option for weddings, functions and catering events, hotels and wineries.

Comfortably stacks up to 10 chairs. 

Category: Event Chairs
Code: NF010054
Brand: Nufurn
Dimensions: H:880mm SH:450mm W:400mm D:450mm
Stacking Height: 10
Use: Outdoor / Indoor
Finish: Stock: White Non Stock: Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Pink (MOQ) 
Fabric: N/A
Product Origin: Asia
Warranty: 1yr

Maintenance: Easy to keep clean with a mild solution of water and household dishwashing detergent.