Gyro Swoose Folding Table Base

Table Base


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"The most practical dining height table base on the market"

You will no longer need to worry about stabilising your café tables while your customer impatiently waits. The Gyro Swoose Table Base has been purposely designed to self stabilise on most surfaces. 

With a simple press of a button, the table will automatically stabilise without manual adjustments.

The Gyro Fold-Flat can safely carry 40 KG, evenly distributed over the table top.

    Category:  Restaurant and Café Table Bases
    Brand:  Gyro
    Dimensions: H:720mm W: 500mm D:500mm
    Stacking Height: N/A
    Use: Outdoor
    Finish:  Cast iron - Graphite colour only 
    Product Origin: Asia
    Warranty: 2 years