FLAT Restaurant Table Base - TWIN Kirribilli 56 - KT22


NF590042 FLAT Twin


H:720mm Span:560mm


2 years


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Restaurant table base fitted with FLAT® Instant stabilisation Smart System. Unique capability of self levelling & alignment of table tops. Suitable for tops up to 900mm X 2100mm

This twin table base offers can be adjusted to accomoodate a range of table top sizes.table bases offer operators great flexibility. This product includes 2 bases (as shown) that can be positioned to accommodate a range of table top sizes to suit your preferences. 

What is FLAT® Technology? Put simply, FLAT® is a remarkable levelling and stabilising technology. A series of interconnected actuators or feet communicate information about the surface conditions below via multi lumen tubes to the FLAT® smart system. The result is constant stability for the table no matter how often the table is moved from place to place. All objects manufactured with FLAT® will find their level on any uneven surface instantly, with the applications load distributed perfectly over each foot.

FLAT Features & Benefits:

  • FLAT® Instant stabilisation (Smart System)
  • Unique capability of levelling & alignment of table tops
  • Patented spider technology
  • Design intergration
  • Engineered durability
  • FLAT® technology seamlessly installed
  • Thicker structural tension rod to hold base together securely
  • Increased wall thickness for structural support
  • High quality casting
  • Superior quality top plate incorporated into products at the design stage, so you aren't stuck with a clumsy, bolt-on afterthought.

FLAT®'s patented technology is unique. AFRDI APPROVED FLAT® complies with British Furniture Standards