Fameg BST-1620/1 Bentwood Bar Stool




H:1050mm SH:780mm W:475mm D:510mm


3 years

Not Required

Ex Europe: 16-18 Weeks


Link: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0222/5562/files/FAMEG-WOOD_FINISHES.pdf?15677259935616582686

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bentwood upholstery options - fameg wood finish options - fameg

Design: Pawlak & Stawarski 

FAMEG BST-1620/1 Bar Stool is part of the 1620 collection. It features a high backrest and seat made of the bent plywood to appear suspended over the frame. 

This stool can be customised in various ways. You can choose a different colour for the seat and frame or go with an upholstery option. Speak to a Nufurn account specialist for more information. 

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