The world leading brand of Genuine European Bentwood Chairs, Paged, has announced an exciting new innovation at Salon Del Mobile this year. You can now personalise your bentwood chairs so that they are aligned with your brand's requirements. 

paged furniture paged printed bentwood chairs paged coloured bentwood chairs

"Large, recognizable brands need additional media for their visual representation standards. While the order of chairs or tables in a particular style is not a problem today, their marking with colors, slogans or graphics (logos) of a specific brand is a serious challenge. We are today the only producer that has taken them and offers such a wide range of personalizing treatments." 

paged colours

Some options to incoporate your restaurant's brand to Paged furniture include: 

-  Full color prints on the seats;

- Inner Stripes (brand-colored plywood layer);

-  Embossed directly in the furniture, convex elements: floral patterns, geometric or branding elements (company logos);

- Duocolor (furniture in two colors at the same time, one of them may be the main color of the brand).

paged bentwood chair - red

For more information about custom designing your bentwood chairs to suit your hospitality project, please contact us at 1800 650 019