Nufurn’s Energy, Water and Waste Policy

At Nufurn we understand that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being and vitality of our customers, employees, and communities worldwide. That’s why our environmental commitment extends beyond compliance and focuses on environmental management practices that increase efficiency and minimize pollution and waste.

Nufurn is committed to minimise environmental impacts caused by our consumption of energy, water and waste through:

  • the utilization of green power where feasible,
  • efficient use of energy and water throughout our operational activities
  • and sustainable waste practices.

Our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance is further demonstrated through the following key strategies:


We will

  • Ensure that energy efficiency practices become standard business practice for all staff. For instance, we assure that all electrical equipment, including stand-by, is switched off at night.
  • All lighting and air-conditioning is zoned and is used in an energy efficient manner. Lighting and air-conditioning is only activated in locations when the location is in use.
  • Regularly review energy practices across our operations to identify opportunities for introducing energy efficiency measures.
  • Monitor our energy use.
  • Develop communication strategies to develop staff awareness of energy efficiency.
  • Encourage staff to report inefficient energy practices.
  • Ensure energy efficiency is a consideration in the purchase of goods and services.
  • Always choose the most energy efficient option or item of operational equipment that is fit for purpose


  • We encourage staff to report inefficient water use practices.
  • We consider WELS ratings in the purchase of water using products.


  • Nufurn’s in-house paper recycling program strives to recycle 100% of paper and cardboard used in office and ware house processes.
  • We are committed to encourage employees to adhere to recycling practices beyond working hours.
  • All metal waste is recycled through and accredited metal recycling organisation.
  • We aim to conduct a waste audit by the Feb of 2012 and act upon its findings.
  • Our products are designed for durability and optimal reusability, reducing the resource strain on our environment.
  • For more on our reuse and recycling practices and special re-upholstery services, see our Product Stewardship
  • Policy.

By implementing the above practices, Nufurn aims to reduce our impact on and promote responsibility of the environment across all levels. As a pledge to our customers, employees, and the environment alike, we aim to continually improve our manufacturing practices in order to protect and sustain our natural environment and its resources. As part of this endeavour, we have started to certify some of our products through sustainability accredited certification schemes.

Nufurn’s Product Stewardship Policy

The very nature by which we manufacture our products to a very high quality level means that they ultimately last longer. This ultimately reduces pressure on the environment. We aim to purchase wood for our furniture from suppliers who harvest from Forest Stewardship Council Land or similar accredited schemes. Depending on the product, the highest quality recycled input material might also be used. Our confidence in Nufurn products’ longevity is demonstrated by our commercial warranties offered that range from 1 to 12 years.

ur products are designed to not only be more durable, but also reusable and recyclable.


If a returned product has passed its optimal aesthetical lifespan, but still well within its functional lifespan, upon return to Nufurn at the client’s expense, Nufurn will try to find it a new home through our extended network or recycle the products componentry on the client’s behalf.

Nufurn’s re-upholstery service

The textiles used at Nufurn are of very high commercial quality and will normally be sound well outside the warranty period. However, in heavy use or long life situations, it may eventually need replacement. Nufurn provides a re-upholstery service at a modest cost, following which most clients feel that their chairs are “as good as new”.


Together with our customers and wider network, we take an active role in ensuring the proper disposal or recycling of an end-of-life product. If a product is not recyclable (or separable into recyclable parts) and has passed its functional life, we will pass it on for recycling. We will not dispose products collected under this scheme in landfill or by incineration. No costs are chargeable to the consumer apart from the transport of the goods back to Nufurn. Please contact us to arrange return of goods if you would like us to recycle goods on your behalf. A Nufurn tax invoice from original purchase must be retained and presented at the time of arranging this service.

Nufurn’s environmental, social and ethical objectives


We understand that producing any product draws on our earth’s natural resources. By offering great quality products, including a 1 to 12 year commercial warranties on our products, we aim to reduce the burden on the environment. Our Energy, Water and Waste Policy and Product Stewardship Policy outline Nufurn’s integrated approach to reuse and recycling. Our environmental commitment extends beyond compliance and focuses on environmental management practices that increase efficiency and minimize pollution and waste.

Our environmental objective is to reduce pressure on the environment by producing high quality furniture, reducing therewith the need for excessive resources and take a whole of lifecycle approach through reuse and recycling.


At Nufurn we understand that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being and vitality of our customers, employees, and communities worldwide.

As part of our environmental and social management practices, we work with an extended social network to find new homes for our furniture which has either passed its aesthetical lifespan or perhaps is simply no longer required by our customer, but is still fully functional.

Our social objective is to expand this network to allow more community organisations to benefit from Nufurn’s high quality products.


Our reputation is our greatest asset and exceptional customer services our signature. We help our customers bring their vision and corporate identity to life with high quality commercial furniture. In doing so, we

  • Act with passion, energy, and commitment.
  • Share knowledge with colleagues, clients and partners.
  • Act with professionalism and integrity.
  • Provide practical solutions.
  • Deliver true and real value.

Labour, Anti-discrimination and OH&S Practices

We are fully committed to operating our business with full respect for Australian Law covering labour, anti-discrimination and OH&S practices. In doing so, we offer a safe, productive, engaging and stimulating work environment, committed to best practice in all areas or our work, with a clean record across these areas.