et al. Uni-ka 595M Chair

et al.

NF080137 UPH


H:810mm SH:470mm W:590mm D:550mm


5 years

Not Required

Ex Europe. Approx. 14-16 Weeks


Anthracite, Orange, White, Red, Boss Green, Azure, Turtle Dove, Moka, Black, Fuschia

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Uni-Ka 595M sled chair is a contemporary restuarant chair with upholstered fabric to bring in a warmth feel to your venue.

Direct from Milan, the Uni-ka Sled chair (pronounced 'oo-ni-ka') by et al. Italy, represents modern and contemporary styling with technological innovation. The textured shell creates an impression of luxury and sophistication and adds an element of unique design. Uni-ka is instantly a design classic. Casual, sophisticated, elegant and also cutting edge. Chameleon like, Uni-ka can take on any environment and perfectly blend in or completely transform it. 

Th Uni-Ka 595M is suitable for indoor use. Uni-Ka also comes in an non upholstered version and you can also choose a different frame to suit indoor and outdoor use. 

Designed for: Restaurants, Cafe's, Clubs, Hotels, Foodcourts, Universities, Accommodation

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