Polytec Smooth (13mm) Compact Laminate Table Tops


Indoors & Shaded Outdoor Area

13mm Thick - W & D to Your Specification


10 years

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10-14 Days


Huge Range of Styles & Finishes

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Compact Laminate table tops are a fantastic, state of the art, progression from traditional laminate tables and are used widely in all hospitality venues such as cafes, restaurants, clubs, bars and hotels.

With outstanding stain and wear resistance, Polytec high pressure Compact Laminate is the ultimate in long lasting, low maintenance table top material. 

Impervious to water, Compact Laminate is perfect for use in commercial hospitality such as hotels, clubs, pubs, restaurants and cafes.

Polytec Smooth is a sleek flat surface with minimal reflectance.

Popular Shapes & Sizes Include:

Round - 600mm / 700mm / 800mm / 900mm / 1000mm / 1200mm

Square - 600mm / 700mm / 750mm / 800mm

Rectangle - 500mm x 700mm / 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm Long by 700mm, 800mm Wide

Primarily supplied as solid piece table tops, Nufurn can also provide Polytec Compact Laminate as slatted or patterned (routed) depending on your project requirement.

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How to attach Compact Laminate Table Tops to Table Bases:

Compact Laminate is not a product that can be simply drilled directly into.  There are 4 methods to attach Compact Laminate Table Tops to your table bases:

1. Pre-Drill

This is the commonly preferred option and presents the quickest, cleanest and most simple method to attach the tops yourself, on-site.

At the time of ordering your table tops, provide Nufurn with the hole pattern for your table bases.  If you're also purchasing Nufurn Table Bases, we have those patterns on file. 

We'll then program our machine to drill 10mm deep holes in that pattern and provide you with the suitable length bolts.

Costs associated with this method are a) Pattern Set-Up  (if not Nufurn Table Base) b) Fee per table top.  

2. Substrate

A piece of 12mm plywood (marine for outdoor tops) is cut to the size of the table base fixing plate and glued to the underside of the table top.  If ordering your table tops from Nufurn, with substrate, Nufurn will wrap the substrate in black dust cover cloth to ensure a smart, uniform finish with no rough edges or corners.

It is then simple to screw directly into the substrate to attach your table base. 

Costs associated with this method include the Substrate & Adhesive.

3. Glue

Using an industrial adhesive, such as Sikaflex, simply adhere your table bases to your table tops.

This is quick and simple however the table tops can never be removed as the industrial adhesive provides a permanent bond.

Costs associated with this method are only the Adhesive.

4. Drill By Hand

Follow our Compact Laminate Installation Guide to install your Compact Laminate Table Tops yourself, using basic tools.

Click to Open Installation Guide

Nufurn will supply an off-cut piece for you to practice your technique and test your hole depth.