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What is Compact Laminate?

Compact Laminate is the state of the art progression from the old fashioned, melamine laminated boards.  Compact Laminate has virtually completely replaced standard laminate table tops for cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars as it is a far more durable material with less maintenance in virtually all hospitality uses.

Standard 'Laminate Tables' are constructed using a particle board/MDF/Chipboard core which has the sheet of decorative printed Kraft paper glued to the top and bottom surface then either Kraft paper or plastic edging glued on around the edges.

There are a number of variables in standard laminate board production therefore such as the quality of the workmanship of your supplier.  Whether they are using a suitable quality board core, which is appropriate for hospitality use.  Other problems that are common include the boards and laminates being cut with a blunt blade giving a rough edge, the glue not being the correct grade and not bonding correctly and the Kraft paper not being applied correctly resulting in wonky patterns and bubbles under the surface.

Compact Laminate on the other hand is produced through a process of bonding and pressing multiple layers of Kraft paper together removing the need to use a particle board core.  

The layers are impregnated with Phenolic Resin then have a decorative top and bottom layer applied which itself is impregnated with Melamine Resin giving the external surfaces their high quality wear and hygienic qualities.  

The whole Kraft paper 'sandwich' is then compressed and baked in a process called Polymerisation thus creating the solid core board sheet that is cut, routed and edge according to your desired shape.

What does it look like?

Compact Laminate is a sleek, thin (13mm-15mm) material which brings a more contemporary look and feel to your venue.  

Most options have a solid black core however Polytec Xenolith Compact Laminate features a solid white core.

The 'standard' edge finish is an Aris edge which takes the sharpness off the square edge however other edge profiles include Sharknose, Square and Arc.

What are my colour or pattern options?

Nufurn manufactures and supplies Compact Laminate Table Tops in a wide range of colours, thicknesses, shapes and sizes according to virtually any project requirement.

We work everyday with leading brands Laminex and Polytec.

These brands allow Nufurn to offer more than 100 Compact Laminate Table Top colours, a choice of smooth or textured finishes, black or white core as well as the ability to create almost any shape and size you can imagine.

Nufurn provides 6 'ranges' of Compact Laminate.  Click on the links below to visit each ranges product page.

Laminex Multipurpose Compact Laminate Table Tops

Laminex Alfresco Compact Laminate Table Tops

Polytec Smooth Compact Laminate Table Tops

Polytec Matt Compact Laminate Table Tops

Polytec Woodmatt Compact Laminate Table Tops

Polytec Xenolith Compact Laminate Table Tops

How to attach Compact Laminate Table Tops to Table Bases:

Compact Laminate is not a product that can be simply drilled directly into.  There are 4 methods to attach Compact Laminate Table Tops to your table bases:

1. Pre-Drill

This is the commonly preferred option and presents the quickest, cleanest and most simple method to attach the tops yourself, on-site.

At the time of ordering your table tops, provide Nufurn with the hole pattern for your table bases.  If you're also purchasing Nufurn Table Bases, we have those patterns on file. 

We'll then program our machine to drill 10mm deep holes in that pattern and provide you with the suitable length bolts.

Costs associated with this method are a) Pattern Set-Up  (if not Nufurn Table Base) b) Fee per table top.  

2. Substrate

A piece of 12mm plywood (marine for outdoor tops) is cut to the size of the table base fixing plate and glued to the underside of the table top.  If ordering your table tops from Nufurn, with substrate, Nufurn will wrap the substrate in black dust cover cloth to ensure a smart, uniform finish with no rough edges or corners.

It is then simple to screw directly into the substrate to attach your table base. 

Costs associated with this method include the Substrate & Adhesive.

3. Glue

Using an industrial adhesive, such as Sikaflex, simply adhere your table bases to your table tops.

This is quick and simple however the table tops can never be removed as the industrial adhesive provides a permanent bond.

Costs associated with this method are only the Adhesive.

4. Drill By Hand

Follow our Compact Laminate Installation Guide to install your Compact Laminate Table Tops yourself, using basic tools.

Click to Open Installation Guide

Nufurn will supply an off-cut piece for you to practice your technique and test your hole depth.

How to order?

Submit a quote request online with a description of the type of seating arrangement and design you wish to have in your venue and we will take care of the rest.  Alternatively you can give us a call on 1800 650 019 or email and a Nufurn Furniture Specialist will guide you through the best solution for your venue.