DURASAFE®Antibacterial 13mm Compact Laminate



13mm Thick - W&D to your specification


10 Years Limited


10-14 Days


30 Stocked Colours

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Invisible to the naked eye, harmful bacteria are on most surfaces that our hands come into contact with on a daily basis. These bacteria breach our immune system, break down defences and attack good body cells which we need to fight off illness and disease.

Durasafe® is an antimicbrobial, antifungal and now also antiviral range of compact laminate that gives you the power to eliminate almost 99% of common bacteria.  This is not only the most advanced and protected laminate in Australia but the world over.

The Durasafe® range has many bright and vibrant colours as well as a full selection of Woodgrain & Matt Colours.  Choose from 30 stocked finishes with an extra 35+ colours available on indent.

With a 10 Year Limited Warranty, Durasafe® is:

  • Easy to Clean
  • Waterproof &
  • Highly Durable

Perfect for all commercial hospitality applications.

 Durasafe® Antibacterial 13mm Compact Laminate is Cut-to-Size from 3600mm x 1800mm Sheets opening up availability to virtually all hospitality table top sizes (min 200mm x 200mm).

Edge Profiles:

A 1.5mm Aris top and bottom edge is our standard edge profile however Sharknose edge profile is increasingly popular, especially for round table tops.

Routing & Cut-Outs:

Virtually any requirement can be catered.

Greenguard Gold Certified